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Interstate Pump and Tank Parts Store

Interstate Pump & Tank is an industry leader in the sales, service and installation of petroleum equipment. We specialize in all aspects of retail, commercial and industrial fueling, as well as offer regulatory and EPA compliance assistance. From site design and selection of equipment to location upgrades, turnkey installation and routine maintenance, we've been helping customers remain competitive in the petroleum industry for over 25 years.

Cim-Tec 3/4 Cim-Tec 3/4" Flow/1" Thread Spin On Filter

3/4" flow/1" thread size spin on microglass dispenser fuel filter - 10 micron.

For sites with corrosion and/or dirt problems, offering higher efficiencies and longer filter life.

Six filter minimum order quantity, please. Quantity discount for 12+ filter orders.


Our Price: US$14.68
Was: US$20.60


NEW Healy 600 Vapor Nozzle NEW Healy 600 Vapor Nozzle
The Healy 600 Vapor Nozzle is durable and reliable, this nozzle provides easy-to-use bootless design that customers prefer. The Healy 600 Vapor Nozzle is time tested and used all over the world, the 600 is the recognized leader in standard vapor recovery technology.
  • Bootless design
  • High reliability and low maintenance
  • Standard vapor recovery certified
Our Price: US$305.95
Was: US$329.00


NEW OPW 12VW Vapor Nozzle NEW OPW 12VW Vapor Nozzle

NEW OPW 12VW Vapor Nozzle is designed for the following vacuum-assist systems:

  • Dresser/Wayne Wayne®Vac
  • Gilbarco® VaporVac®

Contact us if you have questions regarding the NEW OPW 12VW Vapor Nozzle.

Our Price: US$222.08
Was: US$246.75


OPW 66CAS 3/4 OPW 66CAS 3/4" Reconnectable Vapor Breakaway
The OPW 66CAS Dual Poppeted, Dry Reconnect Inverted Breakaway is designed to close off the liquid path and the vapor path in the event of a driveaway. Engineered to separate at maximum of 300 pounds of axial pull force, the OPW 66CAS 3/4" Reconnectable Vapor Breakaway will withstand line shocks up to 250 PSI disconnect force, while protecting your dispensing system from catastrophic damage. The OPW 66CAS 3/4" Reconnectable Vapor Breakaway is developed for use with inverted coaxial metric hoses and designed to meet today’s demanding standards
Our Price: US$129.50
Was: US$143.90