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Interstate Pump and Tank Parts Store

Interstate Pump & Tank is an industry leader in the sales, service and installation of petroleum equipment. We specialize in all aspects of retail, commercial and industrial fueling, as well as offer regulatory and EPA compliance assistance. From site design and selection of equipment to location upgrades, turnkey installation and routine maintenance, we've been helping customers remain competitive in the petroleum industry for over 25 years.

Cim-Tec 1 Cim-Tec 1" Flow/1-1/2" Thread Spin On Filter

1" flow/1-1/2" thread microglass spin on dispenser fuel filter.

Comparable to PetroClear Filter #40510GAD.

For sites with corrosion and/or dirt problems, offering higher efficiencies and longer filter life.

Six filter minimum order quantity, please. Quantity discounts for 12+ filter orders.

Our Price: US$16.42
Was: US$23.18


Goodyear 1 Goodyear 1" x 18' Non-Vapor Hose

Our hardwall curb pump hose assemblies are designed to be used for dispensing applications which require a hardwall construction for full flow and no internal spring guards.

Our Price: US$153.49
Was: US$138.53


Healy 8701VV 3/4 Healy 8701VV 3/4" Vapor Breakaway

8701VV Breakaway

Full product and vapor shut-off, with 350 lbs. separation force. Spare shear screw allows ease of fi eld repair in the

event of a drive-off.

Our Price: US$146.00
Was: US$134.00


REBUILT OPW 11VAI-68/75 Tokheim Max Vac Vapor Nozzle REBUILT OPW 11VAI-68/75 Tokheim Max Vac Vapor Nozzle

OPW 11VAI-68 Vacuum-Assist Nozzles with vapor valve designed for the following vacuum-assist systems:

  • Tokheim MaxVac™
  • OPW VaporEZ™
  • Franklin
  • Schlumberger Centurion
Our Price: US$274.05
Was: US$304.50